Successful tips last year have helped police get drugs off the streets and have helped solve some ongoing investigations.


They had 138 calls last year and that's up about 33% from the year before.

The local Crime Stoppers program revealed the good news at their annual general meeting this week in Moose Jaw.

The local Chair of Crime Stoppers, Lyle Johnson, says the organization is happy to report calls to 694-TIPS totaled 138 last year and many of those calls lead police to solving a variety of offences. "The website of the Moose Jaw Police Service has a connecting point where Crime Stoppers tips can be made through the computer without revealing your identity. So we've had a lot of success and it makes us feel really happy about how well we've done."

Interesting to note, Moose Jaw Police Chief Terry Coleman actually started the first Canadian Crime Stoppers program when he was an officer with the Calgary Police Service, more than 2 decades ago.