A new Surgical Procedures feature has been added to the MySaskHealthRecord that allows Saskatchewan patients to have even more access to their health information.  

The feature is the first of its kind in Canada, and those with an account can now view information about upcoming surgical procedures, including: the scheduled procedure date, surgeons name, name of the procedure, the location, and status of the procedure. 

Information about surgical procedures from 2018 onward will be available to view. 

The Surgical Procedures feature will be available online and on the app to anyone who possesses a MySaskHealthRecord account.  

Those who are currently waiting for surgery will already be able to see information about their upcoming procedures, with an opt-in for push notifications available to update patients with new information. 

MySaskHealthRecord was launched in October of 2019 with the app version being introduced in May of 2023, and has since been downloaded an average of 10,000 times per month since its launch. These programs provide easier access to health information, including lab test results, medical imaging reports, immunization history, and now information about surgical procedures from 2018 onwards. 

To register for a MySaskHealthRecord account residents need to be 14 years or older, have a valid SGI driver's license or SGI photo ID, have an active Saskatchewan Health Services card and have an email address. Visit www.ehealthsask.ca/mysaskhealthrecord to learn more or register.