The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation has given five-days notice that teachers will be withdrawing from all extracurricular activities across the province. 

The withdrawal of extracurricular activities will begin with two full days on March 5 and 6. This will mean that teachers will withdraw supervision and facilitation of activities including athletics, non-curricular arts, field trips, student travel and graduation preparations. 

This job action is an escalation as the teachers and the provincial government continue to be at a standstill in negotiating a new contract. 

At the heart of the matter is classroom size and complexity. Teachers are asking for classroom size and complexity included in the contract, while the provincial government has said those issues need to be dealt with at the school board level.  

The provincial government has said that they are prepared to come back to the bargaining table. However, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation wants the government’s bargaining committee to return to the table with a renewed mandate. 

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation says job action will stop if the bargaining teams come to the table with a new mandate.