Convicted murderer Colin Thatcher was thrown from a horse, fracturing his ribs, and will be spending time away from his halfway house in Regina in order to recover.


Former Saskatchewan Cabinet Minister and convicted murderer Colin Thatcher will be spending time away from his half-way house in Regina. But this is won't be time spent having fun as Thatcher recovers from some fractured ribs.

Thatcher was recently visiting the family farm outside Moose Jaw when he was tossed from a horse causing the fractured ribs. In order to recover Thatcher was granted an extended medical leave from the halfway house he is currently staying at in Regina.

That has been living at the halfway house since being released from prison on day parole. That spent 22 years behind bars for the murder of his ex-wife Joanne Wilson back in the early 80's. A crime that he says he did not commit.

The medical leave expires November 13th.