After three local businesses close, sending hundreds to the unemployment line, what can we do to rebound as a city?

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He calls it a coincidence, a very unfortunate coincidence.

Industry and Resource Minister Eric Cline commenting on the recent closure of three local plants in Moose Jaw. The pork plant, Sash and Door, and Raider Industries that have cost hundreds of people their jobs. Many families are leaving to find work elsewhere.

Cline says there is no real connection when you look at the shutdowns. "They failed at a time when the economy of Saskatchewan has been quite vibrant and I think the economy of Moose Jaw is more vibrant than it has been in the past. I think, generally speaking we've seen a Moose Jaw that was some what depressed in terms of its economy in the early 90's to a Moose Jaw that has a pretty vibrant economy today."

Cline says the area will rebound in the near future thanks to developments between Moose Jaw and Regina, like the ethanol plant in Belle Plaine.

Cline is currently in India trying to expand our trade with the country whose economy is currently growing larger with every passing week.