April 29 marked the launch of the Moose Jaw Police Service’s Trespassing Prevention Pilot Program. 

The program aids businesses in removing violators of the Trespass to Property Act from commercial properties and has been implemented successfully by police agencies in other jurisdictions. 

“The Moose Jaw Trespass Prevention Program is designed to allow our officers to act on behalf of the owners and occupiers of commercial properties when dealing with individuals trespassing after hours,” said Jay-D Haughton, Public Information and Strategic Communications Manager for the Moose Jaw Police Service. 

“Prior to this program we would have to contact the property owner and receive confirmation prior to dealing with any trespassing situations. Obviously, the exception being in an emergency type situation.”  

Haughton notes that the program does not replace a call for service, and that for trespassing incidents during business hours it is still encouraged to contact the MJPS and follow standard procedure for such complaints. 

The Moose Jaw Trespass Prevention Program is only available for commercial properties and doesn’t extend to any residential properties, meaning that trespassing incidents will still have to be reported to the police as outlined in the Trespass to Property Act. 

The program’s pilot stage begins with the downtown core of Moose Jaw and will be in place for approximately three months before expanding to the rest of the city. 

10 businesses have signed on to the program to date, and applications are open for business owners who wish to participate in the pilot program or in future expansions. 

Business owners who are interested in participating in the program can do so by visiting the Business & Downtown Resource Page on the MJPS website to learn more about the program or to complete the online registration form. Interested applicants can also download, print, and fill out the registration form, and email it to CSS@mjpolice.ca or drop it off in person at 21 Fairford Street West.