The Moose Jaw Community Players are excited to announce the premiere of their live production, Notoriously Moose Jaw, on April 21.  

The play was written and directed by Debbie Burgher and Joan Stumborg, about Moose Jaw’s notorious history. The late Tara Gish also contributed to the effort.   

“It’s done in an episodic way,” explains Burgher. “Little mini bits of history have been dramatized in a fictional way, where you still get information about what happened at that time... Nobody was there writing on a napkin, so we don’t know exactly what was said, but you get the gist of what happened.” 

Over 50 different locals worked together to bring the comedy-drama play to life. 

“We had to invite Val McWilliams to do the choral music with the singers. We invited Josh Carley to create a band with Ryan Wheeler and John McWilliams, and they’re going to do live music on stage.” 

Debbie BurgherNotoriously Moose Jaw was written and directed by Debbie Burgher (pictured above) and Joan Stumborg. The late Tara Gish also contributed to the effort.   

Performers have been rehearsing every evening from Sunday to Wednesday, since mid-January. 

“I think people will be thoroughly entertained,” Burgher added. “Joan and I have written a fun script, I think, people seem to be enjoying it. [The cast and crew] are really excited for people to see all their hard work.” 

See the show for yourself on April 21 and 22 at the Mae Wilson Theatre, at 7 pm. 

Tickets are available at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre box office, or online at SaskTix.