Students from Vanier took part in the Saskatchewan Business Teachers Association (SBTA) case competition at the University of Regina last weekend. 

The kids were given a case and sent to a room to confer with their group. From there, they dissected and discussed the details of the case. 

"We figured out implementation plans, decision criteria, the problems throughout the case, and we get to solve that," explained Chelsea Cruz, one of the participating students. 

Ashton Glova, another one of the students, said the case was about a plan to sell dried-up fruit in Canada and how to properly start the business. 

After the group was presented with the facts, Cruz said that they had to come up with a solution to the case. 

"We said that in order for them to start up, we said to start small, participate in trade shows, see what people do or don't like, and decide from there," Cruz commented.  

Glova was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the event. 

"It was a great learning experience and it taught me the ins and outs of business," Glova remarked. "It was great getting a chance to meet others from around the province and learn from a couple of the presentations we were able to watch!" 

The students wanted to thank Ms. Lapointe for getting them involved in the program and the SBTA for organizing a great event.