The Trans Canada Trail Grant program has awarded $25,000 to trail groups in Saskatchewan this year, with grants reaching a maximum of $1500 for each organization.  

Kristen Gabora, director of trail development and volunteers with Trans Canada Trail, said the trail is the longest recreational trail in the world at 28,000 km, and links around 15,000 communities across Canada. 

“We link Canada from coast to coast to coast via a network of trails – all connected. The trail is managed at the local level, so it’s very community-oriented, and much of the trail is also volunteer-driven.” 

The Trail Care Grant Program has been around for five years and doesn’t require matching funds. “It provides an opportunity for groups to apply for funding that can be used for maintenance or volunteer activities on the trail,” explained Gabora.  

Gabora spoke about what is planned for the grant awarded to the Wakamow Valley Trail. “They’re looking to clean up about 6 km of their trail section, and they’re going to be doing some tree trimming and trail cleanup, and a little bit of volunteer appreciation. They’re also going to be looking at installing a safety rail on a low-level crossing.” 

“It’s exciting to think when you’re standing on that trail in Wakamow Valley, that there are people all across the country standing on the same trail network and sharing in the same activities and just joy of being outside,” added Gabora. 

Across Canada, the Trans Canada Trail Grant program awarded $269,250 to 221 groups this year. National Trail Care Day will be happening on June 1 this year, though no events are currently planned for Saskatchewan.