Paul Parisian, wanted by Regina Police, was found in Moose Jaw last spring and was sentenced to 33 months in prison for the shooting death of Ryan Laliberte.


A fugitive captured in Moose Jaw this past spring has been sentenced to just shy of 3 years in prison for a shooting death at a house party in Regina.

23 year old Paul Parisian was sentenced Tuesday in Regina after he pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal negligence causing death. A lesser charge from the original manslaughter charge he was wanted for when arrested.

Parisian was at a house party where a sawed off shot gun was being passed around, when he got a chance to look at it, the gun went off and killed Ryan Laliberte.

Parisian then fled Regina with his girlfriend and child before being spotted by a Temple Gardens Mineral Spa employee at the local resort 10 days later.

Parisian has been sentenced to 4 years in prison, but will spend about 33 months in jail due to time already served while awaiting his trial.