The Western Development Museum Act was passed on April 2, 1949, which means the Western Development Museum (WDM) is celebrating its 75 years of operation this year. To celebrate this milestone the Moose Jaw location is holding several ‘Seek and Find’ events.  

Programs and Volunteer Coordinator Alexis Jones explains: 

“We have one seek and find which is a diamond, diamond usually represents 75 years. So, we’ll have pictures of 12 diamonds throughout the gallery. So, you’ll have to find that.” 

The other ‘seek and find’ event involves locating artifacts in the gallery that were made throughout the decades since the inception of the WDM, spanning from 1949 up to the 2020’s.  

“It’s really exciting that we’ve made it to the 75th anniversary, and I’m super excited to be a part of it”, Jones said about the museum's milestone event. 

As part of the anniversary celebrations the museum will also be serving cupcakes and presenting a slide show documenting the history of the Western Development Museum. 

Admission to the museum will be $0.75 all day April 2, except for volunteers, members, and preschool children for whom admission is still free.