We’ve got some “unsettled weather” today according to Natalie Hasell, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, with the risk of a thunderstorm starting in the afternoon. 

“A number of things coming together for things to form. You will have enough moisture if you don’t already by the time this low gets to you,” said Hasell. 

She said that while there is a possibility of a thunderstorm, it is not expected to be severe. “But even non-severe thunderstorms are dangerous. They’re defined by lightning. Lightning can cause a lot of damage, lighting can cause a lot of injury, and also, unfortunately, a lot of death.” 

Today’s daytime high is 18 degrees, with an overnight low of 5 degrees.  

Saturday will have daytime high of 13. “A bit of a cooler day, as the low-pressure system that’s bringing the unsettled weather moves a little bit and puts you in a slightly different air mass,” said Hasell.  

She added that winds on Saturday are expected to blow to 60 km/h.  

“Sunday morning starts off with a temperature of plus 4, so that’s a touch below normal as well, but daytime temperatures creep back up to normal with a high of 19.” 

She added that there is a possibility of showers during the day on Sunday, though there is currently disagreement between the models. “A better chance, definitely, of showers later in the day on Sunday, and then things should be kind of nice and sunny on Monday.” 

The daytime high on Monday is 18 degrees, with an overnight low into Tuesday of 6 degrees.  

Overall, Hasell said the weather this weekend should be benign.