A 28-year-old woman received time served and a suspended sentence of 12-months of probation in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Wednesday. 

Sajeana Hill pleaded guilty to charges including uttering threats, possession of a concealed weapon, failing to attend court, breaking and entering, possession of stolen property and breach of conditions. The guilty plea was a joint submission between defence lawyer Suzanne Jeanson and Crown prosecutor Rob Parker. 

On Feb. 22, Hill was picked up by the victim at her residence to buy cigarettes and to go to the bar. At one point, Hill asked the victim to drive her to a house which the victim refused because it was a known drug house. Hill then pulled a knife from her boot, held it to the victim’s head and accused him of being a police informant. 

According to the agreed facts, Hill put the knife away without physically harming the victim. 

On June 27, Hill was found driving a Jeep Wrangler that had been reported stolen earlier that day. Police also found that she had a pocketknife which broke the conditions that she was on. 

In the early morning hours of June 29, Hill gained entry into a house on Hochelaga Street through a dog door. The owner of the property confronted her and told her to leave. Police were called and she was found in the backyard of the residence. 

The joint submission was 30 days in remand concurrent for uttering threats and the concealed weapon. Because she has been remanded since Oct. 11, Hill received time served. 

Parker treated the property crimes separately and the joint submission was for a suspended sentence of 12 months of probation.  

The conditions of the probation include keeping the peace and being of good behaviour, appearing in court when necessary, reporting to a probation officer, abstaining from alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a doctor and attending any screening or addiction programming as directed. 

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