As the book closes after the 2023 World Para Ice Hockey Championships, the accolades have begun pouring in. 

The team in Moose Jaw took on a Herculean feat to host the world with just 70 days from announcement to puck drop. 

Ryan MacIvor, general manager at the Moose Jaw Events Centre, says the community should be proud of what was accomplished by the volunteers and the players who made this event a success. 

“The accolades that the community is receiving from coaching staff from across the world, management from across the federations, to the players is something that is very humbling to hear,” said MacIvor.  

Approximately 130 residents made the championships possible when they answered the call to volunteer. 

MacIvor praised the dedication of the volunteers and people involved. 

“At the end of the day, this event doesn't happen without dedicated volunteers and people. The volunteers have just been outstanding! They showed up, they committed their time, their energy, and their efforts. They were absolutely engaging with the fans, the athletes and the hockey federations, and I know many special bonds and relationships and memories were created amongst the teams and the volunteers,” noted MacIvor. 

Over the championships, thousands of Moose Jaw and area residents stopped by the Moose Jaw Events Centre to take in a game or two. MacIvor said his attendance expectations were exceeded. 

“My expectations have been met and exceeded in terms of attendance throughout the entire tournament. I can tell you from my perspective and from Hockey Canada and from everyone else it was an absolute win and success for everyone,” noted MacIvor. 

The Moose Jaw Events Centre underwent a retrofit to accommodate the 2023 World Para Ice Hockey Championships and all the upgrades and equipment will remain in the facility for continued and future use. 

“The lasting legacy will be here forever. We also will be continuing to keep portions of the accessibility kit in use throughout the regular hockey season,” says MacIvor noting the boards and glass will remain in the facility for future para-ice hockey events. 

The Moose Jaw Event Center is the only para-accessible ice facility in the Canadian Hockey League, giving Moose Jaw a competitive advantage to bring and host other para-ice hockey events. 

“I think that's something of a lasting legacy that we'll see in the community. That we'll be able to host other events and I think that just continues on the legacy of the sport and the growth and the development of the game,” added MacIvor. 

While official totals are still being tallied, MacIvor says the economic impact of the tournament is widespread. 

"We don’t have the numbers yet, but overall, I think that it's a smashing success. There's a positive financial impact on the building, but also on the community. Overall, the economic benefits to the hotels, restaurants, and shop and community pride far outweigh the building impacts,” noted MacIvor.

Eight teams from around the world converged on Moose Jaw for the 2023 World Para Ice Hockey Championships between May 29 and June 4. 

The USA won their third straight World Para Ice Hockey Championship on Sunday night at the Moose Jaw Events Centre, defeating Team Canada 6-1.