The Moose Jaw Public Library will celebrate Aboriginal Storytelling Month with a visit from Francis "Dickie" Yuzicapi.

Yuzicapi tells traditional stories representative of his diverse cultural heritage which represents the Plains cultures of Saskatchewan: Ojibway, Cree, Metis, and Dakota. Dickie was raised by his great-grandparents who taught him the traditional history of his people before he attended residential school.

Speaking about these teachings Dickie says, "I'm the one that he raised to learn the entire culture that he had to teach. So, I was the one that inherited that right, and the thing is, it was all taught to me by oral history. So that's what I do. I don't write down the stories it's told orally and shared orally."

His storytelling uses a combination of hand drums, singing and Native American flute to share the story of creation, history and cultural sharing.

To find more information about Aboriginal Storytelling Month and the programs available visit the Moose Jaw Public Library website.