Many area highways remain closed as residents deal with ice and snow in the wake of a Colorado Low that swept over the region this week.

Moose Jaw and the surrounding area will see some snow continue to fall throughout Thursday as the outer bands of the storm are expected to drop another 4-6 centimetres of snow before Friday morning.

"The storm itself is finally pulling off into North Dakota, so there's still some bands of snow that are remaining. We can see those across parts of southern Saskatchewan, but for the most part, [the storm is] starting to weaken and it should slowly pull out during the day," says Environment Canada Meteorologist, Terri Lang.

"The winds themselves are starting to calm down as well. We're not seeing as much blowing and drifting snow as we did yesterday with this event. So just a slow improvement of conditions throughout the day."

Lang says the area between Regina and Weyburn was the hardest hit area with snowfall totals upwards of 30 centimetres based on pictures and information collected by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Instruments in Moose Jaw reported a maximum snow depth of 10 centimetres and 8.3 millimetres of water equivalent from the start of the storm through 10 a.m. on Thursday morning.

"Of course, it's being blown around and as well it doesn't account for all the melting that would have taken place as the snow hit the ground," said Lang noting that gauges under catch snow due to the winds the prairies experience.

The snow is expected to taper off overnight, but the cloud will stick around Friday before warmer weather emerges Sunday.