The Moose Jaw woman who sexually abused little kids with her husband was sentenced in Moose Jaw Provincial Court Tuesday afternoon. Audrey Black is going to jail for 4 years.


She and her husband, Donald, did some unspeakable things to little girls. They sexually assaulted them and they filmed it.

Audrey Black pleaded guilty some time ago to 5 charges, including one count of Making Child Pornography, one count of Counselling a Person Under Age 14 to Touch Another for Sexual Purposes, one count of Beastiality and two counts of Sexual Interference.

Crown Prosecutor Robbie Parker... on the sentence handed down by Provincial Court Judge D.J. Kovatch.

"Well essentially what I can tell you is that we're bound by and and the courts at this level are bound by sentencing guidelines that are set by our Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Our Saskatchewan Court of appeal has indicated that for what would be considered to be a major sexual assault the starting point for that sentence would be 3 years, and then a sentencing judge has the ability to go up or down from that 3 year starting point".

Black's husband, Donald, was sentenced to 8 years in prison earlier this year.