Goodale gives the new government a failing grade and charges that the Conservatives have taken nearly one billion dollars from Saskatchewan through program cuts.

Batters says Goodale's claims undermine his credibility.

"This is from a man who sold out his own budget to the NDP, securing nothing for his own province in terms of help for farmers or a better equalization deal.  It was consistently the Conservative MPs from Saskatchewan who called for emergency debates on agriculture and reform of the CAIS program.  So it's been Mr. Goodale who has been the invisible man from Saskatchewan for a long while now."

"Five months with Prime Minister Harper at the helm have been great for Canada and great for Saskatchewan. We've had  $1.5 billion dollars in new money for agriculture announced. He's cut the GST and delivered tax relief to every family in Saskatchewan. Its a good new budget for parents, for farmers, municipalities and every taxpayer in Saskatchewan. I guess its not a suprise that its not good news for Mr. Goodale."