He is a most talented writer with an encyclopedic memory for people, places and things and, perhaps more importantly, he is a most likeable human being.

My long-time acquaintance and media business colleague Rob Vanstone has just had a new book published but this one is not about football.

Vanstone spent most of his working career as a sportswriter and editor at the Regina Leader Post. He now works as senior journalist and official historian of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

He has produced some gems like “The Greatest Grey Cup Ever: 1989: Before, Then and After”.

You may also be familiar with “West Riders Best: 1966: Before, Then and After” as well as “Saskatchewan Roughriders: First 100 Years” and “100 Things Roughrider Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die".

Vanstone’s new book is "Brave Face: Wild Tales of Hockey Goaltenders in the Era Before Masks”.

It’s a must read for YOU if you’re a hockey fan and a fascinating book full of stories that any sports fan will enjoy.

Rob recently took some time to tell us about what he'll remember as his "pandemic project".

Have a listen and, consider buying the book for yourself or a sports fan in your life. Check it out right HERE