Carnie's Comments


He's had great success and he has made millions of dollars. You can't forget about that.

But, there are other things I can't forget about Mike Babcock.

The veteran hockey coach resigned his position with the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets on the weekend in the midst of a controversy over him asking his players to show him photos from their phones. Some of the fellas didn't like that.

I was the Voice of the Warriors during Babcock's time as an assistant and then general manager and head coach of our WHL club. I got along with him OK but it wasn't always easy.

I can recall members of the Warriors' Booster Club, a fundraising crew that was and still is an important part of the club, being very unhappy with him when he declined to attend their meetings or even go across the street for a cup of coffee.

I told Mike I thought that was a mistake and pointed out those people were, at least in part, responsible for generating the money that produced his pay cheque.

Mike told me he wasn't here to make friends. He was here to manage and coach a hockey team.

And, if you'll recall, he wasn't here for long.


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