Carnie's Comments


We shared some stories of days gone by and about some of the people, the characters, who have played a role in making our history so colourful.

We shared a toast, we shared dinner and the 100th anniversary birthday cake.

We laughed, we danced, we celebrated 800 CHAB Radio, one of the first stations to take to the airwaves in Canada back in 1922.

It was a special night with special people including a wonderful woman from Dauphin, Manitoba.  Florence Kapell is in her 91st year.  It was 72 years ago, in 1950, that she first appeared on 800 CHAB.

She came to Moose Jaw from rural Saskatchewan for some post-secondary education and became a regular entertainer on Cy Knight's Mailbag radio program.  Her talents, singing and playing the guitar, earned her a job at CHAB.  She hosted a live show called "Riding Around the Range" from 1950 through 1954.

Florence and family came into the station for a tour and visit Friday morning and joined us for our 100th anniversary party Friday night.  She was so happy.  

I've got a feeling Florence will be telling all her friends about that special night. 

And I'll be telling my friends about you, Florence.