Carnie's Comments


The plan is in place, the construction zones identified and work will begin soon on the latest cast iron water main replacement project in Moose Jaw.

Let me tell you, like many,  I've experienced the disruption, the inconvenience and I've absorbed the financial hit.

I'd recommend, if you and your property are impacted this time around, do your due diligence, attend the meetings, ask the questions and make your plan because some of the decisions are yours to make.

Stretches of Duffield, Scott and Fairford Streets will be impacted this year along with a section of Skipton Road.

Oh, it's certainly necessary as we, as a community, strive to renew our aging infrastructure, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier.

So, if your home or property is in one of the construction zones, you have an opportunity tonight to learn more.  City Hall is hosting an open house in council chambers at 6:30.

Oh, and good luck.