Carnie's Comments


It's Facebook Friday!  I find the funnies just for you.

Like this post, "I am psychic.  No one told me.  I just know."

How about this one, "When you order a book called 'How to Scam People" and it's still not here after 4 months."

I like this guy, "I don't really have a plan.  I rely on caffeine and weirdness to get me through the day."

My friend, Kelly, posting a sign that reads, "Warning:  Visitors with no sense of humour are advised to turn back now.  Management is not responsible for any damaged feelings."

This one, "People who say, 'no pun intended' are cowards.  Intend your puns, weaklings!"

I can relate to this one, "I have a lot to be thankful for but I'm going to give a special shout out to elastic."

And one more, "Kids today have cool cars and I object.  Your first car needs to be a 1984 Geo Metro with a cracked windshield, an 8-track stuck on smooth jazz, a door that won't open, sparks flying off the tailpipe and an ignition that only turns if you pray."