Carnie's Comments


It's the culmination of a full week of probing the world's #1 social media site.  It's Facebook Friday!

Here's a timely post, "I want to throw a snowblower in the back of my truck and drive south until someone says, 'What the heck is that thing?' and then that is where I will live.

This friend shares, "Back in the day we earned the rips and holes in our blue jeans.  They didn't come ready made."

This one, "If the second I text you back and you call me because you know I'm holding my phone, I will call the police!"

Here's a middle-aged friend who says, "Getting back into dating after a long-term relationship is like dying in the last levels of a video game and having to go back to the start but with less energy."

How about this guy, "If you fold a piece of pizza in half it reduces the calories by 50%.  Follow me for more healthy tips."

And we'll finish with a thought from one of my favourite Facebookers, "All I'm saying is instead of developing artificial intelligence we should focus on doing something about those poor souls who don't have any real intelligence."