Rob: Let's talk about those potholes. There's winter, then there's pothole season, and then there's spring and we've got pothole season now. And from what I understand, the pothole people are out there with cold mix right now doing the best they can.

Maryse: Absolutely. We already started this week, so the crew that's also taking care of the catch basins and in the culverts, of course we saw on the weekend with the rapid meltdown some catch basin needed to be drain, so that was done, but now it's the same crew that’s doing the cold mix.

We of course prefer to do it when [the pothole] drier, like the [pot]hole has had time to dry but for the for the major ones, we're doing it right away. Then we'll be ready as soon as hot mix is available because of course it's preferred to have the hot mix to fill the potholes that should be towards the end of April early May. Then we will switch to the hot mix for filling potholes.

Rob: And that's weather dependent.

Maryse: It's weather dependent and it's also dependent on our contractor, so the subcontractor, typically they are the ones that have the plant with the hot asphalt mix and depending on when they start the plant, that would dependent on that.

Rob: OK. Anything else we want to talk about or add about the Report for Services app.

Maryse: Speaking of pothole, speaking of Report for Service [app], please take a picture, send it on the app and then we will prioritize them and go to fix them.