Carnie's Comments


It's Facebook Friday!  I find the best of the week just for you.

This one, "I prioritize things...just not the right things."

Here's a friend who shares, "I'm still tired from yesterday's tired.  Today isn't looking so good and I've already used up tomorrow's tired."

This aging fella says, "The good news is, I've made it to my golden years.  The bad news is, there ain't no gold."

A question, "Do twins realize that one of them was unplanned?"

I like this one, "Wisdom doesn't really come with age.  A moron doesn't become a wise man when he grows old.  He becomes an old moron."

Big plans this weekend?  Consider this post, "Self-discipline is tough because I'm the boss of me and that guy runs a real loose ship."

Here's a local musical artist who says, "Just realized I accidentally got 65% less fat mayo.  Why does that exist?  My next song shall be called Sandwich of Sadness."

And a timely post to finish, "Accidentally said Happy Mother's Day to my mom in person instead of writing a paragraph on social media."