Carnie's Comments


It's time for some fun on Facebook Friday!

One of my favourite Facebookers with a couple of good ones this week, like this one, "Do people in electric cars listen to AC/DC or something current?"

Another one, "Some of you are afraid to be corny...but I was born on the cob."

This friend says, "January was a tough year but, we made it."

Here's an old fella who shares, "I remember when I could get out of my chair without sound effects."

Can you relate to this one? "When you ask me what I'm doing and I say nothing, it doesn't mean I'm free. It means I am doing nothing."

This funny gal I follow says, "Listen, when I ask for directions, please don't use words like east and west."

I like this, "Welcome to your 40s...where you will do whatever it takes to open the microwave before it beeps."

And one more, "I'm so old that I've taken a long walk without counting the steps and I've eaten food without taking pictures of it first."