Carnie's Comments


It's my weekly treat for you. I find the best from the best on the world's #1 social media platform. It's Facebook Friday!

Here's a friend who shares, "I couldn't afford a DNA kit to learn about my relatives so, instead, I just posted online that I won the lottery."

My clever friend Allison writes, "In 2023 the word AI along with its definition were added to the dictionary. The scary part is, nobody knows where it came from."

This guy says, "I was told I could look at that solar eclipse through a colander. I tried but it strained my eyes."

I like this, "The people who make fitted sheets need to sit down with the people who make the mattresses and get on the same page. Making the bed shouldn't be like putting a swimming cap on a fridge."

This friend is on the way home from a vacation and shares, "The airport is a wild place. 7am? Have a mimosa. Tired? Sleep on the cold floor. Hungry? That bagel with cream cheese will be $19.50."

This funny fella says, "Depreciation is supposed to be tax deductible but my accountant won't let me write off my hairline."

And one more, "Taxes are essentially a yearly subscription to the country you live in. Childhood is the free trial."