Carnie's Comments


It's time for Facebook Friday! I find the best from the best.

This guy shares, "You might as well go ahead and pronounce the "L" in "salmon". Nothing matters anymore."

A cynical friend of mine says, "Sorry I missed your call. I haven't had my ringer on in like 10 years."

Here's a thought, "If the world was a Monopoly game, we'd be at the part where everybody rage quits because all the property is gone, rent is unaffordable and one rich guy is ruining everyone's fun."

Some advice, "Before you start pushing and shoving older folks, remember Gen X perfected the mosh pit and you're gonna be in for more than you bargained for."

This aging fella shares, "Never did do well at arithmetic in school. Now I'm dealing with the aftermath."

Here's a mom who writes, "My kid sure asks a lot of questions for someone who claims to know it all."

And we'll finish with this from one of my favourite Facebookers, "My wife complained that my life revolving around Facebook has destroyed the way we communicate as a family. So, I blocked her!"