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The announcement from the head office reads, "We are so proud to share that Glenda Lee Vossler and Barrie Vice have been inducted into the Saskatchewan Broadcast Hall of Fame by the Saskatchewan Association of Broadcasters!  This is an incredible testament to everything they have done for their local communities as well as the Saskatchewan Broadcast Industry."

Hear, hear! That it is!

I've been working with Glenda Lee and Barrie for, well, decades now. It's a pleasure to work with people who are passionate about their vocation - people who set the standard for those around them.

They do what they do because they love what they do and they're still doing it! 

Aren't we lucky?

A tip o' the hat and a way to go today for Provincial Agriculture Specialist - Golden West Radio, Glenda Lee Allan-Vossler and Program Manager Barrie Vice, Saskatchewan Broadcast Hall of Famers.

Glenda Lee Allan-Vossler & Barrie Vice


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