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Perhaps you or someone you know took part.

An independent poll, conducted by Insightrix, in cooperation with a politics podcast called "The SKoop", found that among decided voters, Saskatchewan New Democrats have 49% support compared to 47% for the governing Saskatchewan Party.

The increase in support for the NDP came mostly from people in Regina and Saskatoon while decided voters in rural Saskatchewan continue to support the Saskatchewan Party.

This poll, conducted earlier this month, marks a big gain for the NDP, who had 45% support in October compared to 51% for the Saskatchewan Party.

The timing of this poll is, without a doubt, a factor, with the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation in a contract dispute with government.

In fact, the poll asked people about that. 68% of respondents said they support the teachers with just 15% supporting government and 16% saying they're not sure.

The next provincial election, by the way, will be held on or before October 28th.

That is truly the only poll that counts.