Carnie's Comments


It's a story I've never shared on the radio before. I remembered it when I heard an ad about a restaurant offering free food to those celebrating a birthday.

It was years ago when I frequented a particular confectionery.  

They had an intellectually challenged customer who dropped in every day around the same time as me. He worked across the street. 

One day as he was buying a little something he told the pleasant ladies behind the counter that it was his birthday. You see, if you told them that, you'd get a free bag of candy. He was so happy.

A few days later that same guy pulled the same trick...and it worked!

I asked the gals how many times he'd done it and they laughed and said, "Oh, every day around the same time!"

It was so funny.

I'd witness that same guy sheepishly scamming the girls several times afterward and it never got old. He always got the candy.

I couldn't wait until my birthday to get my bag of treats.

When it arrived, I went into the store and proudly told the girls it was MY birthday. And you know what? They didn't believe me!