Carnie's Comments


Statistics Canada released some most interesting numbers this week - population stats. They show millennials now rule the roost in Canada. There are now more millennials than baby boomers in the country. That ends a 65-year reign of the post-World War II generation as the largest in the population.

The average age in Canada right now is 41.6. Millennials are the people born from 1981 to 1996, so, ages 28 to 43.

I work and interact with millennials every day at the radio station. I like them. They come in handy for me because they grew up using computers. They know all the tricks. They assist me.

However, I did get into an argument with one this week when we were discussing the population numbers. 

I mentioned I'm from generation X before talking about the youngsters from generation Z, which I pronounced "Zed".

My millennial friend said, "Did you just say Gen Zed?"

I said, "Yes, I did."

She laughed at me and said, "It's gen ZEE!"

I disagreed. I said, "In Canada, we pronounce it ZED."

She laughed again and shook her head at me.

These kids now-a-days. No respect.