Carnie's Comments


I think it's getting better but there are still a number of professionals who don't get the respect they deserve.

Most notably, I believe, is the musical artist. I know singers and musicians who often get asked to perform at events for nothing.

"We'll buy you dinner", they say. "It'll be good exposure for you", they add.

It's not right.

Some of our barbers and hair stylists are apparently in the same boat.

A friend of mine tells me some of her customers don't show up for appointments or show up late. That costs her money.

She also has people who want to barter over the price of her services. They don't seem to care that she has invested thousands of dollars in quality equipment like scissors, clippers, curling and flat irons, not to mention her chairs, sinks, dryers and processing machines for hair colouring.

She says, "We deserve to be treated like any other professionals who deal with humans."

That's something to think about next time you book yourself a haircut.