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While most of us were sleeping last night, a local post-secondary student was desperately trying to get to his locker at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to get his passport.

You see, his mother is ill, in ICU in India.  He needs to get back home to see her, possibly for the last time.

Security personel had to play by the book and were unable to let the guy go to his locker.  

What would you do?

Well, with the help of his friend, Saksham Soni, he found a way.

Soni, on social media, wrote, "We were helpless and had to go to police to get his passport out.  Officer Cunningham heard us out and we were able to retrieve the passport and now we are on our way...Thank you again MJ POLICE!  Wish our friend luck and blessing!"

You know, one of our mantras here at CHAB is, "Do the Right Thing, Right Now".  

That's exactly what Constable Kyle Cunningham did last night here in Canada's Most Notoriously Friendly City.

Constable Kyle Cunningham of the MJPS posing for a photo after assisting local studentCst. Kyle Cunningham posing for a photo after assisting a local student