Carnie's Comments


Jordyn Pollard, Lindi Ortega, The Mike Plume Band and Corb Lund knocked it out of the park, so to speak. The show was awesome. But there was more.

There was food and drink, the Riders and Bombers on the big screens, over 2000 paid attendees, a lovely, outdoor venue and a true sense of community at Homestand '23, River Street Promotions' annual concert at Ross Wells Park in Moose Jaw. We raised thousands of dollars to support youth mental health in and around our city.

I had the pleasure, the privilege, of taking to the stage to introduce our performers Saturday night. I'll never forget introducing Lindi Ortega. 

A 44-year-old seasoned veteran in the music industry, Lindi told us backstage that this would be her first show in four years. She was extremely nervous. Those around her could feel the trepidation. 

What happened next was almost magical. Once she started strumming her guitar and singing her songs, her professionalism and creativity flowed beautifully. 

When she finished, she was beaming - relieved and pleased with her performance. 

It was something special. 


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