Carnie's Comments


I'm going to make a prediction that in 25 or 30 years from now, we'll have at least a couple of weddings in Saskatchewan where a man named Oliver will marry a gal named Olivia.

eHealth Saskatchewan has released the list of the top 20 baby names for 2023.

63 boys, born in Saskatchewan, were named Oliver last year while 50 baby girls were named Olivia.

Noah, Liam, Leo and Jack round out the top 5 for boys' names while Emma, Sophia, Charlotte and Ivy made the top five for baby girls.

I like the fact that many young parents are going back to traditional names these days. 

Theodore, Emmett, William and Henry made the top 20 for little boys while Ava, Violet, Evelyn and Hazel are back to being popular names for baby girls.

You know, when I was born, my mom and dad had no idea if they were expecting a boy or girl so they had two names picked out. They'd call me Robert if they had a boy and they'd have called me Jill if I'd been born a girl to add some alliteration to the kids' names because they already had a Judy and June.

I think I'd have been OK with Jill but, we'll never know.