Carnie's Comments


I do support our teachers. I believe them when they say they need more support in the classroom. They're facing challenges like they've never seen before. I just don't think a massive increase in funding is the answer. I'm not alone.

Saskatchewan teachers walked off the job in a one-day strike yesterday to bring attention to their demands.

Our Minister of Education, Jeremy Cockrill, said yesterday, and I quote, "The teachers' union has said this is not about money. Yet they continue to demand a 23.5% increase over four years. We're just not prepared to accept that deal on behalf of Saskatchewan taxpayers."

You know, our 27 school divisions are sharing over $2 billion this school year. That's an increase of over $49 million over last year's budget.

One loyal listener sent me a text this morning. She didn't like yesterday's strike and she's not in favour of a 23.5% increase in funding. 

She wrote, in part, "Don't throw the kids under the bus...we're all battling in this time of harsh cost of living. I also feel I'm taxed to the max."

And it strikes me that many of the people who have jumped on the teachers' bandwagon are the same people who will be outraged when and if our provincial government increases our taxes.