Carnie's Comments


Ah, yes...above normal temperatures, lovely sunshine, spring has sprung, the grass has riz

And now you wonder where your bike and golf clubs is

But it's not all fun and games, we find out at this time of year. No, for you

There's the spring cleaning, sweeping, raking and other tough jobs to do

You gotta make the transition and it ain't easy getting into the swing of spring

You gotta wash winter away, clean the windows, wash the car and all your other things

It takes motivation. Spring time is work time. There's so much in your life that has to change

Like sweaters for short sleeves and pants for shorts - the whole closet must be re-arranged

But keep your chin up. You can do it. Just keep in mind what we already know

Diggin' up the garden and raking the lawn beats the heck out of shoveling snow!