Carnie's Comments

Over half of us have plans to spend less on Christmas this year.  The latest survey results from Angus Reid Institute are out.

The report found 56% of us are "cutting back" on Christmas spending including presents, decorations and entertaining.

About half of the respondents say they are "financially worse off now than they were at this time last year" and that's the highest level the Angus Reid Institute has seen in 12 years.

They found the people of Nova Scotia are most unsure about their finances followed by Saskatchewanians.

I wasn't surveyed but I'd fall into the "cutting back on Christmas" category.

I'll be saving up for my next water bill.  You've heard those are going up, right?  

Moose Jaw city council approved the proposed increase this week.  The average bill will go up $4.58 a month so our quarterly bills will be up by almost $15.00.

Talk about a lump of coal!