Carnie's Comments


It was last year that the citizens of Moose Jaw learned they had about 4000 friends and neighbours owing City Hall over $1 million in parking ticket fines. That's right, over $1 million!

Some city councilors promised to take action. They did that this week.

Council unanimously passed the new "Impounding Bylaw", giving the city the power to tow vehicles registered to the people owing money for outstanding tickets. What's more?  Under the Cities Act, City Hall has the power to seize vehicles to collect the money owed. That rule is retroactive to 2006.

It'll take time and money to collect. The offender's current address will have to be confirmed and written notice will follow. If offenders don't pay their fines by deadline time, vehicles will be towed and impounded with the assistance of the Moose Jaw Police Service.

Offenders will then have to pay their parking ticket fines and towing fees.

And, if that doesn't happen, after 30 days in impound, the City of Moose Jaw has the authority to put vehicles up for sale to recuperate lost revenue.

I hope City Hall can collect most of the money owed. And, if they do, perhaps they won't have to put property taxes up so much next year.

Ya know?