Carnie's Comments


How many socks have you got in your dresser drawers that don't have partners? 

I call those socks "The Singletons". I have half-a-dozen or more.

I've looked all over the place for the matching socks - behind the washing machine, under the bed - I can't find them.

But, today, I'm sharing a singleton success story.

It happened Saturday evening as I prepared for an outing.

I grabbed an old shirt out of the closet. It was the first time in months that I had donned that denim top. As I slid my right arm through the sleeve my hand hit a lump. I was somewhat startled but as I continued, I put a grip on that lump and there it was, one of the socks that had long been missing.

I was so happy. That sock must have worked its way into the shirt sleeve while it was tumbling in the dryer last fall.

The moral of the story? Always keep those singletons because you never know when they might become a pair of socks again. There is hope...for the single socks.