Carnie's Comments


It wasn't the first time it happened but it it was great to see it again on the weekend.

I attended the Health Care Rocks show at the Mae Wilson Theatre.  It was sold out.  430 music fans rocked the night away.

Just over a block away there were 4965 hockey fans at the Moose Jaw Events Centre.  500 bought standing room tickets to see the Warriors and The Traveling Bedards, also known as the Regina Pats.

Local shops, pubs and restaurants were busy all afternoon and well into the evening.  Locals and tourists alike were enjoying the sights, the sounds - the world-class entertainment right here in Canada's Most Notorious City.

Saturday night was exactly what the visionaries wanted us to see when we opened up the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre back in 2004 and the Moose Jaw Events Centre in 2011.  

I was one of the people who agreed that "If we build it, they will come".  Well, they were all there on Saturday night.  It was awesome.  There was a big city vibe going on in downtown Moose Jaw.

Oh, and they told us traffic would flow just fine for patrons of our facilities following the events.  They were right.

Oh, and they also pointed out that there are about 2000 parking spaces within a four-block radius around the Moose Jaw Events Centre.  They were right.  And I believe every single one of them was taken on Saturday night.