Carnie's Comments


Time for Throwback Thursday - just a minute in time to remember the good ol' days!

Like late winter 1977 when the movie Slapshot was released.  I was 11 years old, in grade 6,  and the biggest hockey fan in the land.  

I saw the movie trailer on TV and I just had to go but, it was rated "Restricted ADULT".  No one under the age of 18 would be admitted without being accompanied by an adult.

Slapshot came with language and nudity warnings.  My dad said we couldn't go.  But you KNOW we did!

The old Capitol Theatre was packed the night we attended.  I was, by far, the youngest in the crowd.  My dad was very uncomfortable in this situation I had begged him to be a part of.  I could see it and feel it.  I also remember how I felt - privileged and proud to be there to see this racy, violent movie.

When Slapshot finished on the big screen my dad was a little rattled and I was absolutely jacked!  I learned a few new words and I had my new favourite movie.  

The only thing I loved more than that movie that night was my dad.