Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday.  Just a minute to remember days gone by.

I'll take you back to the summer of '87.  I was the news anchor on the CHAB Morning Crew. 

It was a beautiful, warm morning.  I was in my Datsun on the way to the station, downtown,  just before 4 AM.

I turned south on Main from Saskatchewan Street just as the traffic lights turned amber.  There was no traffic so I just slowly cruised through the intersection at Main and Saskatchewan East as the lights turned red.  It was, indeed, a traffic infraction by about 2 seconds.

I saw headlights several blocks away on Saskatchewan Street and hoped it wasn't a police cruiser.  

I got to the bottom of the hill and there was a police car at the corner of Oxford and Main.  It pulled out behind my and pulled me over at the 7-11.  I knew the cop.  

He said, "Did you just run a red light up on the hill?"

I said, "Did you see that?"

He said, "No but the staff sergeant did."

Those headlights on Saskatchewan East were attached to a cop car.  The staff sergeant was out for a cruise.  He pulled up to make sure the young officer would be issuing a ticket and that is, in fact, what he did.

I told him it was a cheap call.  

He agreed.

I paid the fine.  I'm still bitter.