Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday - just a minute to remember the good old days.

I got thinking about my first airplane trip this morning when we talked about Lynx Air expanding to offer service out of Regina.

It was 1977 when mom and dad took me to Disney World in Orlando. 

We boarded a Boeing 737 out of Winnipeg. It was so exciting. We took off around sundown so it was completely dark when flew over Des Moines, Iowa. The city lights were spectacular. 

It wasn't long after that the pilot took us up and over a thunderstorm which was producing a lot of lightning. We bounced through some turbulence so while it was a little scary, seeing Mother Nature in action from the sky was absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable.

I also recall we were served a beautiful dinner complete with complimentary drinks and our choice of desserts. We weren't even in first class!

Those days are gone. You're lucky if you get a soda pop and a bag of peanuts on the airplane these days.

The kids today will never know how good life was back in the 1970s.