Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday - just a minute to remember the good old days.

A friend of mine was talking about ham salad sandwiches this week because, that's what we do at our age, apparently.

The ham salad is his favourite sammy - flakes of ham mixed up with crispy celery, sweet pickle relish and mayonnaise. He said he used to get them at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Winnipeg when he was a kid.

I told him the only place I've ever had a ham salad sandwich is at receptions that follow funerals. If the family hires the church ladies to deliver the luncheon, it's a good bet you're going to get 'em, made with fresh, white bread and crafted with love.

There's nothing like a nice ham salad sandwich with a cup of tea, followed by a slice of buttered sweet bread with the maraschino cherries baked in.

Then it dawned on me that all the Woolworth's and Woolco stores and their lunch counters are history and now the only place you can get a ham salad sandwich and cherry bread days is, in fact, at funerals.

That's just sad...on a couple of levels, isn't it?