Carnie's Comments


We were talking about the 2024 Saskatchewan Summer Games on the radio today. They'll be on in Lloydminster in July.

I'm flashing back to the 1996 Summer Games on Throwback Thursday today. Those games happened in Moose Jaw and I was covering sports at the time for the local radio station.

The media centre was set up at an elementary school and it was a beehive of activity with volunteers gathering results and media types absorbing it all.

In '96 we were still doing interviews with cassette decks and the results were being hand-delivered, phoned in and the fax machine was humming.

My most vivid memory from the '96 games is from a girls' softball game I was covering. The stands were packed but I found a spot to sit beside two lovely, elderly ladies along the 3rd base line.

It was late in the game when a batter ripped a foul ball that started along the 3rd base line but was quickly spinning our way. The old girls beside me were frightened. They froze and one whimpered.

I promptly stood up and as that ball came screaming our way, I reached out with my right hand and made the heroic catch just inches in front of the old women.

The crowd gasped and then rewarded me with a wonderful round of applause.

I can't make that up.