Carnie's Comments


The NDP had some questions they wanted answered last week but, as so often happens in "Question Period", they didn't get the answers.

They're calling for an independent investigation from the Provincial Auditor into the Ministry of Social Services' policy on hotel stays. The provincial government blocked the motion.

At the heart of the matter is the Sunrise Motel in Regina - a business owned by Saskatchewan Party MLA Gary Grewal where the province spent $172,000 housing vulnerable people last year. The NDP wants to know "how much money the Moe government paid Sunrise Motel since MLA Grewal was elected."

Ethics and Democracy Critic Meara Conway had Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky scrambling for answers in the Legislative Assembly last week. He eventually deferred to Deputy Premier Donna Harpauer for assistance.

Conway said "Saskatchewan people expect basic transparency and accountability when it comes to public funds...It's a bad look...It's even more concerning when the government acts like there is something to hide and blocks the investigation."

Conway's got that right, doesn't she?


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