Carnie's Comments


Time for Twitter Tuesday - the best of the week from the Twitterati.

Let's start with this funny woman who Tweets, "I was on the fence for a while.  How else can I see into the neighbour's window?"

Here's a guy who shares, "I want my tombstone to read, 'Actually, I'm feeling much better'."

A timely Tweet, "I'd like to negotiate that if we have to have cold weather, we at least get to keep the longer hours of daylight."

Here's a thought, "It's funny how grocery stores try to shame you into bringing your own reusable bags when they're the ones who switched from paper to plastic."

This guy says, "I save a ton of money on a security system by taping a copy of my credit score on the front door."

And one more, an older fellow I follow Tweets, "There was no privacy while on rotary phones because you only had a three-foot radius."